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Chimney Lakes Elementary is a whole school magnet with an International Studies program serving grades K-5. Students are introduced to cultures from around the globe through their annual curriculum, shaping them socially as well as intellectually. Chimney Lakes Elementary School has won recognition by the State of Florida for continually receiving high academic grades.

A teacher dresses up in character for a class of students at Chimney Lakes Elementary School


Chimney Lakes Elementary has a Gifted program available to students who test and qualify. Gifted recognizes the unique skills of students and makes sure those skills are being appropriately challenged and developed.

Elementary school students perform in a play at Chimney Lakes Elementary School.

International Studies Magnet Program

Early exposure to different parts of the world helps students become comfortable with cross-cultural communications. In an increasingly international economy and society, understanding different cultures is essential to success. The International Studies Magnet Program gives students an edge by emphasizing an understanding of different countries, culminating in our annual International Day each Spring.

A picture of a group of safety patrols at Chimney Lakes Elementary School.

Safety Net Opportunities

For students that are struggling or need additional help outside of the regular school day, Chimney Lakes has a myriad of resources available. There are reading and math materials available for parents to use at home with their students. Students can also go to their teacher for help or to find out about tutor recommendations. Plus, each year 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders can participate in Ramp-Up Camp. Ramp-Up Camp provides students with extra tutoring to help prepare them for the FSA.

Teachers at Chimney Lakes sitting at a table in front of a display of Africa.

Special Programs, Clubs and Activities

  • Gifted
  • Extended Day
  • Student TV News
  • Teachers of Tomorrow
  • Safety Patrols
  • Art Club
  • Chorus
  • Media Helpers
  • National Elementary Honor Society
  • Gardening Group

Every Student. Every Day.

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