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Meet the cure for the common school. Darnell-Cookman has earned phenomenal ratings and reviews for both its middle and high school programs because of its highest caliber academics, unique focus on the medical arts, and unwavering commitment to students.

Thanks to our sensational teachers, supportive parents, eager students, and caring culture, Darnell-Cookman sets itself apart day after day, year after year. Whether your child wants to become a doctor, nurse, health care administrator, or work completely outside of medicine, the training they’ll receive at Darnell-Cookman will prepare them to be successful in just about any field they choose.

Why Parents Love Darnell-Cookman

Parents love knowing they can trust their children’s futures to Darnell-Cookman. We believe passionately that providing quality education means serving all students, from advanced learners to those who need extra help and support. We don’t rest on the laurels. We want every student to succeed, and we work diligently so that they do. The numbers speak for themselves — Darnell-Cookman is ranked among the top 0.2% of schools in the country, and our curriculum is made up entirely of honors and AP classes. With a 100% graduation rate, our standards for success are undeniably high.

Why Students Love Darnell-Cookman

The caring atmosphere at Darnell-Cookman doesn’t just come from our intimate class sizes and values of uplifting one another. Our teachers follow their students all the way from sixth grade to graduation, getting to know each student’s dreams and learning style. This helps teachers and students work together to overcome obstacles and celebrate successes. Classes really do feel like family, which is why our teachers and administration tend to stay with us for so long. Students frequently come back to visit to share their latest achievements in college and beyond.

What Your Children Will Learn

Our medical magnet program isn’t just for future medical doctors. Darnell-Cookman students have unrivaled opportunities to explore other fields through a health care lens, including medical engineering and business administration. All our students also participate in intensive college preparation and build exemplary résumés for the future. Our dual enrollment program with Florida State College at Jacksonville allows our students to begin earning college credit as early as 10th grade. We also have partnerships with UF Health, Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Medtronic, and Mayo Clinic, giving small groups of students with shared medical interests the chance to dive deep into their specialties. By graduation, our students are ready to take on college and the world as fully realized young adults!

Why We're Unique

Put simply, Darnell-Cookman is one of the best places in Northeast Florida to get a middle and high school education, and for those with medical and health care-related ambitions, there’s absolutely no substitute. Healers of all kinds begin their journeys at Darnell-Cookman. We care for those who will one day care for others.

The feedback I get from my child being at Darnell-Cookman is that he really loves the faculty, classmates and how the school encourages him to be best that he can be! – Jeri Johnson, Teacher & Parent

Every Student. Every Day.

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