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At Hidden Oaks Elementary School, we plant the seeds for your child’s achievements through school and through life. Our warm, welcoming Hidden Oaks community offers something increasingly sought after by today’s families: a truly traditional primary school experience combined with innovative, effective instruction. We help children put down strong roots in the world of learning, giving them the confidence to grow in their own unique ways, and nurturing the skills they need to succeed today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Why Parents Love Hidden Oaks

At Hidden Oaks, you’ll belong to a tight-knit community of families, teachers, staff, and neighborhood residents, all proud to uphold the school’s mission to ensure a bright future for each child. These strong relationships contribute to an exceptional elementary school experience in a place where we know and love every child. Hidden Oaks understands a school’s impact on a student doesn’t stop when the bell rings and works to support the whole child with resources and activities geared toward making the most of these years.

Why Students Love Hidden Oaks

Our Hidden Oaks students thrive in an environment where everyone’s accomplishments—large and small—are celebrated. They are given plenty of room to grow and permission to make learning fun. Our smaller size means students come to school each day surrounded by friends and faculty who are cheering them on. Familiar faces, a comforting, loving culture, and a school-wide drive to succeed allow each child to blossom.

What Your Children Will Learn

Success doesn’t just happen. Success is a skill and at Hidden Oaks, your student will learn how to establish goals and go about reaching them. Our lessons teach more than just the ABCs. We think of them as instructions for life. Like you, we have high expectations for each student’s academic achievement as well as respect, responsibility, and resilience. And we teach each child to insist on great things from themselves, an ability they will tap into(?) throughout their school careers and beyond. At Hidden Oaks, this is what we mean by setting down strong roots for a bright future.

Why We're Unique

Hidden Oaks is a hidden gem! Tucked away in the quiet Cedar Hills Estate neighborhood, we are inclusive, diverse, and dedicated to the well-being of each student. We teach old-fashioned values while preparing children for the reality of tomorrow’s in-demand careers. We embrace the whole family, creating strong bonds and growing a love for learning, improving and achieving every day.

“We are teaching children what today’s parents are looking for. We teach responsibility, ownership, and we prepare them for the real world.” – Giovanna Odom, Teacher

Every Student. Every Day.

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