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At Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary, your student’s education starts with love. It is what opens our students to learning and shows them what their future can be. With love, our students become confident, competent, and capable.

Why Parents Love MLK

Students have high academic expectations. Our teachers (we like to call them “educarers”) establish meaningful relationships and deliver rigorous and relevant instruction that results in successful learning and growth in your child.

What Student Love MLK

We reward positive behavior to remove negative behavior. We strive to understand each individual student and meet their needs. We show them respect and kindness. In turn, they give respect and do whatever they must to succeed. You will see your child’s growth, as they build confidence, make strides in learning and flourish in a safe, loving environment.

What Your Child Will Gain

We practice “I do, we do, you do.” It is a simple yet effective teaching method we use every day to propel our students’ success. It allows for greater understanding and confidence with students as they learn new things. From this method, students gain academic achievement, social growth and development, positive attitude, artistic development, physical fitness, and overall well-being.

Why We’re Unique

We make sure our students have whatever they need to grow and develop. We plant those seeds early and continue to cultivate them so our students can become great citizens, great communicators, great collaborators and great leaders.

Every Student. Every Day.

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