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In a world where education is your ticket to success, Ribault High School serves as a true partner in helping your child be the best they can be in school and beyond. For generations, Ribault has been more than a high school. It is a unique, welcoming campus where lifelong friendships are made, academic success is achieved, dreams are nurtured, and sports titles are won. While others meet expectations, we raise them. Where others give up, we press on. The results of our hard work, dedication, and perseverance speak for themselves. We are proud to be one of the great success stories in Jacksonville education. But we’re just getting started.

Why Parents Love Jean Ribault

Jean Ribault High School is the perfect campus for your child to get started on a practical yet ambitious future. Our students can earn college credit and explore meaningful career opportunities through our robust early college programs, including dual enrollment with Florida State College at Jacksonville, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and Edward Waters University. One of our most popular college-level offerings is EWU’s criminal justice program, where students receive a full introduction to this exciting possible major. Our aeronautics program, taught on the Ribault campus in collaboration with Embry-Riddle, also includes scholarship opportunities and the chance to earn industry certifications.

Why Students Love Jean Ribault

At Ribault, we treasure friendship and community. Our caring teachers and staff are always there to help students with any problem, and they love fostering opportunities for students to bond and support each other. We believe that’s why our students are so likely to stay in school, and why our alumni are so proud and eager to stay connected.

Students also love our variety of sports and extracurricular activities covering almost every interest under the sun. From band to basketball, dancing to doing good deeds in the community, from The Future Lawyers Club to clubs of every other kind, there’s a home for every student at Ribault.

What Your Children Will Learn

From math to football, everything we do is an opportunity to teach responsibility. Our goal is for each student to discover the power they possess to shape lives and to use that power responsibly. Older students mentor younger students allowing younger students to thrive while providing older students with leadership training and a sense of accomplishment. Our athletes learn that the concept of winning goes well beyond beating an opponent. It’s about setting goals, working hard to achieve those goals, and being responsible. Students can also apply to our magnet program, Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (MCJROTC), which teaches leadership, citizenship, and service.

Why We're Unique

Students at Jean Ribault have access to opportunities and experiences few others offer. We have a real, fully operating VyStar Credit Union branch on campus, run by our business academy students. This creates hands-on, real-world experience for the students behind the counter as well as those who begin managing their own finances with a new account. We also have a full health clinic where students can receive the care they need and deserve. At Ribault High School, we are passionate about potential. Let us help your child reach his or hers. Schedule a tour or contact us to learn more.

At these schools students can be the best version of themselves, whatever their goals are for the future. We have the resources to help them get there and a lot of caring teachers to help them, too. – Esther Bixby (teacher)

Every Student. Every Day.

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