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R. L. Brown Gifted and Academically Talented Academy:

We have created a special environment just for your gifted and academically talented child. We know your child longs to display their capabilities, and we give them those special opportunities to stretch their minds and grow their talents, as only a gifted school can.

Your child will go beyond having a more in-depth grasp of concepts. They will learn how to apply them in our dedicated, gifted and academically talented magnet school.

A group of elementary school girls stand together smiling on their playground

A Loving, Caring Place

Gifted children’s emotional levels are often higher. Their expressions of joy, excitement, even stress noticeably more intense. In the wrong school, this can create social and behavioral issues. The teachers at R. L. Brown understand the emotional needs of the gifted child. We foster their unusual curiosity and clever ideas in a caring, safe space. This simple act gives our students confidence and cuts down on the stress gifted children sometimes feel when they interact with authority figures and other classmates.

Picture of a teacher giving a "high five" to an elementary school student.

How Your Child Will Learn

Gifted children learn new material much faster and earlier than their peers. They think abstractly and grasp concepts better than their peers. They perceive many sides of a question. We nurture these wonderful attributes in your child. Our teachers use higher-level questions to draw out concepts and challenge thinking. Tiered assignments allow more in-depth study. Independent assignments allow more extensive research and exploration.

Picture of students conducting a science experiment in class.

Why Choose R. L. Brown?

We specialize in the unique learning and social needs of your gifted or academically talented child. Our certified teachers know how to unlock the unique potential in your child. Your child will get the level of specialized care to support their extraordinary capabilities, ingenious creativity, humor, imagination and problem-solving.

Two girls gently touch eggs in an incubator.

Additional Programs and Services

  • Extended Day
  • Teachers of Tomorrow
  • Odyssey of the Mind (Problem Solving Program)
  • Peer Mediation
  • Robotics
  • Safety Patrols
  • STEM Lab
  • Student Council

“We have a small, student focused, nurturing, and engaging learning environment.  R. L. Brown provides a culture of mutual respect and high academic achievement that will prepare your student to be college and career ready.”

Every Student. Every Day.

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