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San Jose Elementary School

Our students experience the world at our school. Our students represent more than 35 different countries and 24 different languages from VPK through 5th grade making a truly global educational environment.

Why Choose San Jose Elementary?

We are proud that our staff fosters a nurturing, inclusive environment where all our students thrive. We embrace rigorous learning and empower our students to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens of the world.

San Jose Elementary School Students

Optional Bilingual Program

The optional Spanish/English Dual Language program brings native English and Spanish speaking students together to learn subjects in both languages. This creates an environment where both English and Spanish speaking students learn leadership skills by helping their peers learn their language. There is significant research that shows learning in two languages reinforces academics – reading, math, science and social studies.

  • Ability to Multi-Task and Organize
  • Increased Decision-Making Abilities
  • Develop Better Communication Skills
  • Increased Ability to Empathize with Others
  • More Career Opportunities as an Adult
San Jose Elementary School Students

What Your Child Will Learn

In addition, your child will benefit from daily resources:
• Art
• Computer Resources
• Media Center
• Music
• Physical Education
• Science Lab
• Social and Emotional Learning

Picture of students in a music class at San Jose Elementary School Students

Enrichment Programs and Clubs

  • Violin through Cathedral Arts Project
  • Dabbin’ Pandas Dance Crew
  • Jammin’ Pandas and Chorus
  • Media News Crew
  • Pandabots Lego Robotics League
  • Safety Patrols
  • Team Up

Welcome to the World of Nations at San Jose Elementary!

Every Student. Every Day.

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