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Twin Lakes Academy Elementary School

No matter the endeavor — whether leading a group of friends to make smart decisions or leading a Fortune 500 company, medical practice, or sports team — leadership is one of the most valuable skills in life to learn. No school produces young leaders like we do at Twin Lakes Academy Elementary School. We believe true leaders uplift others and themselves, can collaborate with others in spite of any differences, and form win-win partnerships. We believe that a child who is trained in leadership skills is much more likely to do the right thing, even if nobody is looking. We believe the best leaders create more leaders, not more followers. Our students are all future leaders, and we think that’s a wonderful virtue and makes for a very special school.

Why Parents Love Twin Lakes

Parent involvement isn’t just welcome at Twin Lakes, it’s essential to how we do things. We believe the knowledge you have of your child’s needs is invaluable. The more cooperation we can foster between school and home, the better those needs can be met. Twin Lakes’ parents get plenty of input and one-on-one communication on their students’ progress, and this feedback helps us better serve your child. Working with parents helps us make our school the best it can be for every student.

 Being right next door to Twin Lakes Academy Middle School offers real convenience for parents. We have multiple families with children in both schools, making drop-offs as easy as it gets.

Why Students Love Twin Lakes

The most essential ingredient for a great student experience is a great teacher. That’s why we place such emphasis on finding talented, enthusiastic, highly trained, and dedicated teachers. We also provide them with the best environment to do their work. That’s why it should come as no surprise that we have such a low faculty turnover, with 50 percent of our teachers boasting at least five years with us. Their consistency, patience, and long-term thinking give students a nurturing and stable place to prepare for lifelong success. When the time comes for a student to move on from Twin Lakes Academy Elementary, our close relationship with Twin Lakes Academy Middle School can help students feel confident and excited about moving to the next level.

What Your Child Will Learn

The Twin Lakes Academy curriculum is based on the world-famous “7 Habits” principles, which teaches students to pursue goals proactively; seek understanding and collaboration; plan for the big picture; prioritize, while putting first things first; and strive for endless improvement. Our faculty uses these principles in our approach to teaching, and our students learn how to use them to succeed academically, emotionally, and socially.

Why We're Unique

At Twin Lakes Academy Elementary, we truly believe that every one of our students has the potential for leadership, and everything we do is designed to help each student reach that potential. Leadership takes many forms — it can mean running a company, building a stronger family, organizing for a cause, or simply taking pride in leading one’s own life. That’s why we offer a range of leadership learning opportunities, including Teachers of Tomorrow, Student Council, and Green Team, so each child can discover what kind of leader he or she wants to be.

“A place where opportunities abound!” – Principal Robertson

Every Student. Every Day.

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