Building Leadership Through Global Understanding 

Hogan-Spring Glen is an A-rated elementary school where every student is growing and learning. Our goal is for children to be healthy, happy, and safe while pursuing an education. Communication is valued and everyone has an integral role to play in student success. 

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Vibrant VPK Program

Make a smooth transition to Kindergarten by starting your child with our early education program. They’ll learn to play with fellow students and to work with their teachers to make learning fun. VPK enrollment starts in January. 

Picture of Hogan-Spring Glen Principal Robyn White.

An A-rated School

Hogan-Spring Glen is proud to be an A school, with supportive teachers that have your child’s back, and peers excited to excel. Principal Robyn White is excited to welcome you and your child to discover how HSG challenges its students to travel and explore education.

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Forming Global Leaders

Hogan-Spring Glen offers a special emphasis on forming the whole child, giving them an education in subjects like math, reading, and science, while also helping them to grow in emotional and social maturity. We want our students to be innovators and leaders. 

Picture of children playing string instruments.

Special Programs, Clubs, and Activities

  • Cathedral Arts Project 
  • String Orchestra 
  • TV Production 
  • Safety Patrol 
  • Fun Run Club 
  • Green School (Learning how to protect the environment) 
  • Extended Day 

We believe that every person in this school should always be growing and learning. Despite obstacles that may arise, we must always believe in our ability to rise above challenges and come out stronger on the other end.” – Principal Robyn White

Every Student. Every Day.

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