College Preparatory and College Credit

We offer high school classes that not only prepare students for college studies, but allow them the chance to earn college credits while still in high school.  Our Advanced Placement (AP) courses are taught at a level equal to that of a college freshman course.  Students who take and pass the year end comprehensive exam will receive college credit, allowing them to expedite their college track.

Our High School Acceleration Programs are designed to shorten the path to a traditional four-year college degree. They provide opportunities for students to earn college credits as early as middle school. Programs like our Dual Enrollment allow high school students to graduate with their high school diploma and a two-year college degree. It is your child’s best chance to jump start their college career. Want to learn more about High School Acceleration, click here.

High Schools

All of our schools will prepare your child for college. These school(s) offer additional College Readiness Programs.