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Picture of student learning to spell with colorful, plastic letters.
Two boys smile while playing with a Mr. Potato Head.
Picture of a teacher and Kindergarten student pinky swearing.


Welcome Class of 2037!

Discover why your child deserves a Duval County Public Schools Kindergarten.

Kindergarten aged girl listening to teacher.

Many experts believe the kindergarten years are the most important in a child’s life. It is when a child learns how to learn, and love it.

That’s why choosing a Duval County Public School kindergarten is so important. You’ll find the finest teachers of young minds. Enthusiastic, encouraging, and nurturing, our kindergarten teachers engage our students in playful and fun learning while teaching important social skills children use for the rest of their lives.

Want a confident, capable student who can succeed academically and socially? Enroll your child in a Duval County Public Schools kindergarten today.

Kindergarten registration is easy.

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