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At Pinedale Elementary School, our pledge is simple: a brighter elementary school experience leading to a better future for your child. Primary education should be more than just one-size-fits-all. We take time to understand your child’s individual strengths and needs, building on their love of learning and giving them confidence to spare. We take pride in setting ambitious goals for our students, charting out a clear course to success.

Why Parents Love Pinedale

At Pinedale, we instill a true sense of self-worth in every student. With traditional and innovative lessons, we prepare your child for middle school and beyond by focusing on tomorrow’s in-demand skill sets in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Our staff supports the whole child with resources, services, and activities to strengthen bonds and make these years meaningful for the entire family.

Why Students Love Pinedale

Our Pinedale students know how to work and play. They become truly collaborative, learning in a warm, welcoming environment. They can also build robots and discover other STEM skills. While we’re serious about our ABCs and 123s, we also know the “extras” are what make school fun, with art, music, PE and recess daily, along with academic celebrations and fun family events. On top of all of that, our students love our teachers, who motivate, nurture, and cheer them on each day. And some of these teachers were once Pinedale students themselves!

What Your Children Will Learn

We give our students the gift of a solid start in school and an appreciation for learning. We teach responsibility, respect for others and team dynamics, all skills that will serve them well into the future. Pinedale’s process inspires successful goal setting and goal-achieving strategies that your child can apply now, and for the rest of their lives.

Why We're Unique

Besides being a whole-school STEM magnet, Pinedale is also a Full-Service School, offering an extraordinary array of services for students and families not found at all elementaries, including medical and health services, counseling, mentoring, parenting resources, social services, after-school tutoring, and additional enrichment activities. All Pinedale students and loved ones receive access to the best educational amenities the county offers, supporting the best possible elementary experience for all our children.

“The staff and teachers here at Pinedale Elementary really truly believe in the academic growth of the student. That is our whole mission when we come into campus and when we leave the campus, is the students’ growth academically!” – Stephen Johnson, Teacher

Every Student. Every Day.

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