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Boys and girls learn differently. We teach them differently.

The Young Men’s and Young Women’s Leadership Academy at Eugene J. Butler is the only tuition-free public school in Duval County that offers single-gender education, where our female students and our male students attend separate classes in separate wings of the school.

Girls in a classroom at Young Men's and Young Women's Leadership Academy at Eugene Butler Middle School.

Private School Feel in a Public Magnet School

We elevate our students to believe they are the best. A solid foundation of leadership skills and a prep-school style uniform tells our students and the world that they are part of an exceptional organization and they each have an important role to fulfill as an individual and as part of the school.

Students dissecting a frog in a science class at The Young Men's Leadership Academy at Eugene Butler Middle School.

Why Separate the Boys from the Girls

Boys and girls learn differently and should be afforded the space to thrive and grow into the leaders we know they are. When children don’t have to worry about what the opposite gender is thinking, learning becomes the highest priority. Our students become fearless, curious and enthusiastic in the setting we have designed for them.

  • Enhances academic focus
  • Build self esteem
  • Curbs social pressures
  • Boys become more collaborative
  • Girls are more willing to explore math and sciences
  • Children break out of their stereotypical roles and behaviors
Girls talking in the hallway at Young Men's and Young Women's Leadership Academy.

Small by Design

With only 400 students, our smaller class sizes mean students get one-on-one attention from faculty and staff. We also offer a laptop to every student. While the school is small, our students can still take advantage of all services offered by Duval County Public Schools.

Boys playing soccer at The Young Men's Leadership Academy at Eugene Butler Middle School.

Special Programs, Clubs and Activities

  • Pre-Early College Acceleration Program
  • Science Exploration
  • Outdoor Pursuits
  • Sports teams for girls and boys
  • National Junior Honor Society
  • Dance Club
  • Drama Club
  • Band
  • Boy Scouts
  • Gala Cotillion

Motivation, Positivity, Leadership and Purpose. We are here to give your child the skills to pursue their dreams.

Every Student. Every Day.

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